Revealing the Gender to my other children

Last clinic day (hopefully) at 36 weeks found me getting another unplanned ultrasound. That previous night my eldest daughter had insisted on going for the check up with us. I should probably have said yes, but thinking it would be a usual 10 minutes doctor’s visit, I dismissed her request and asked her to help Yvette decorate the house for her sister’s fourth birthday. At the hospital all seemed well, but imagery and some blood work was insisted on to make sure all was as good as it seemed. This only meant one more thing for me; yet another chance to get a sneak peak on baby’s gender…and well, how big a head I would be dealing with!

It’s a baby Girl!

While the head measReured 38 weeks the rest of baby was 37 and 6 days. Standing at 2.9 kilos I am most definitely having a baby bigger than both my daughters at birth. She looked perfect and as usual kicked everything in her way including the sonographer’s instruments. I prayed for acceptance and this is perhaps what God wanted me to do because it was answered immediately. I fell so deeply in love with my new baby and for the first time since I discovered I was expectant, I couldn’t wait to meet her.

 I am a Grateful Mama!

“You’re going to have a little sister,” I whispered in Raine’s ear and her reaction was beyond impressive. “Yaaaaaaay!” and in seconds she had disappeared, screaming away in excitement. She didn’t want a brother all along, but only because girls in our hood only played with fellow girls while boys chased and played rough ball games. Minutes later, Pesh, my eldest came running back. “Is it true, mum?” We’re having a sister?” Much as I would have loved the experience of having a son and for them to have a baby brother, it is God’s will that our last also be a girl. I accept her fully and plan to spoil her and her sisters with a lot of love. I have amazing, healthy babies and this for me just does it.

Published on 17th Jan 2018

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