Love and COVID-19 – Is your Relationship Safe?

Are you separated or living together during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown? But does it even matter? The anxiety that the global epidemic exerts on us is enough to push us to the edge. And relationships, though silent, are on the list of the affected.

So, with the doors locked, how do you save your relationship or make it stronger? More sex? Yes, but there’s more you need to keep your head above the water.

Find something to laugh about

Few things connect couples and laughter is one of them. Sharing a joke or witticism is essential, not only during this difficult time but all the time. It:

  • Feeds your soul and uplifts your mood
  • Improves your communication
  • Tightens your bond

Keep the respect

Respect your partner’s reaction to the pandemic situation. They may be more or less anxious than you and may need more or less assurance. Heck! Some may lean towards the controversies or completely be in denial! Whatever the case, they are within their rights to feel as they do, and the easiest way is to make life easy for each other.

Do something together!

Try those new recipes together. Justin and I sometimes google up easy recipes and bake something they kids can enjoy when they wake up. You can also take up a home-working plan, gardening or games. We skip rope! Working out together helps to cool off and rewind. It also keeps a little fat off!

Don’t expect too much!

Now that there’s time does not mean we want to do anything at all! Remember, we are going through a lot of acceptance and anxiety, and we are dealing with it differently! Try to be as supportive as you can and to keep the air cool, let your partner be if they need some time off. Keeping in touch with family and friends that are easy to talk to can be encouraging too.

Separated? Sometimes a little distance is good

You know, you could be in a more manageable situation than a couple stuck together…

Think about it.

In long-distance relationships, couples consider time apart to be ‘individual-time’. Time together is a chance to focus on each other. Make the most of either situation! Take the time away to evaluate, build and improve yourself as you look forward to the time you will reunite. It’s not easy, mainly because everyone is different. But with frequent voice and video calls, (or emails if you fancy that), you can keep the fire burning.

Let’s wrap this up!

The important thing is to keep your sanity up, stress levels down. When you work together, it could amaze you how much you can achieve together. Is there anything I have missed out that you feel works? Do share and let’s help each other!

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