Looking into 2018

We’re barely heel-deep into 2018 and the mad rush is already here with us. School fees, uniforms, books, shoes and bags, oh wait, there are hairdos to take care of too! Its crazy everywhere! Kids are having trouble going to bed so early and waking up even earlier. Raine claimed to have forgotten all her sounds and all the numeric they learnt last term. Sigh. I am not sure how much damage the two-month-holiday has done to this kids. They have literary been on vacation enjoying sleepovers with their cousins, travelling to rural areas, others out on trips. I hardly saw any books touched. TV remotes were taken over and our kitchens… man, don’t get me started on the food budgets!

Schools Open

I am perhaps one of the few parents who would rather have their kids home than school…well, ‘cept for this past holiday I spent so much on food and power bills thanks to all the baking and frying we did. Schools finally started and the excitement in my girls knowing they now join new classes with unique names could not be contained. Raine is in PP1 and Pesh in Grade Three; sounds like we just moved to some state in the US. These kids are lucky school is getting easy for them. They are sure to enjoy the fewer, more interactive lessons unlike us who struggled to master a zillion books!

Njaanuary Pains

It’s only 10th and the month feels old already. It’s been January forever, hasn’t it now? It’s even longer for me, having the kids come home from school each day hoping to meet their new sibling. They look rather fed up with my large belly. If only they knew I’ve had enough of it too! I am tired of walking like a duck; breathing heavily, looking like impending doom and having everyone wait on a slow me to move along. Anytime now this journey will only be a story to tell, and I will be the newest mommy of three in town! Now that’s something to look forward to this month!

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