New Year Resolutions?

Oh yes, It’s still January, 53 days later! We are still alive, surviving on the cabbages and spinach we had snorted at back in December. House helps who had disappeared to go enjoy the holidays in full are now asking for their jobs back and while there are bills to pay and children to raise, it’s a new year with bigger and greater opportunities to make the world a better place. We may have decided not to make any more resolutions and this may be the best for some of us who barely tick off past the third vow, but we must at least have a goal to add us some form of sanity this year.

Complain Less

Lets try to appreciate that everything really does happen for a reason, sometimes unknown to us. Let us look at situations with a more optimistic eye, believing that bad situations could as well have been worse and good things will always follow us when we are good.

Appreciate more

It never hurts to appreciate others, nor do we lose anything when we give a good word. In our effort to be positive towards life, let us encourage others when they do well, no matter how small. I am looking at showing kind words to my house help, children, husband and colleagues at work.


Grow more

No matter what, don’t be the same as you were last year. Purpose to be better, stronger, wealthier, and well, just don’t remain stagnant! Lets teach our children better growth tactics

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