Giving out my Valentine’s this year

He walked in late wearing a goofy smile. That smile said everything I didn’t want to hear. ‘Babe, I know I’m late. But hey, here I am!’ I had a thousand things I could say to him floating in my head but chose to hold my peace. He moved closer. I looked away and maintained my displeasure. Charlie was all over him, tagging at the hem of his pants; desperately wanting his hand on his fur. He ignored the dog and inched even closer to me. I was surprised when he grabbed me in the kind of embrace I would kill to have every day of my life. “I love you so much, hun,” he muttered and my suspicion shot through the roof, faster than a bullet.

From my heart to yours

“Aai! Baba Peshe,” I protested. “Kwani what happened today?” I knew where he had been, but secretly hoped that whatever made him pour his heart out could also scare him into coming home early next time. “Nothing, we just hang out with Eddie and Kepha and talked about a lot of stuff,” something told me he wasn’t going to share the details. “I barely say much, you know, and was thinking if I don’t tell you how much I appreciate you, you may tire and stop being the amazing person you are.” A heart melted. Suddenly, I didn’t want him to stop talking…and he didn’t.


Giving my girls my best

“I look around and can’t ignore the fact that you are one special woman. The kind of support you give me, especially when life brings me down is immeasurable. You hold our family together and I’d like you to know that I respect you. You are my gift and I’m nothing without you.” I slipped back into his arms and he smiled. He knew he had me, for sure. The smile plastered on my face hasn’t left since. I am gifted with a husband, who loves and respects me, and he spoke the words, not just with his eyes; he mouthed them. What more could anyone wish for? I can now let my daughters make their daddy their Valentine this year.


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