Welcome to the world, baby! Flu is served

Many would expect that as an experienced mother, I would know all there is about babies. Hardly did I get any advice at my baby shower for the very same reason. Trust me, I didn’t ask any questions either. I thought I garrit . What we easily forget is experiences are different with every baby and no one quite experiences everything. My newborn was perfectly healthy. She played and fed well, slept long enough and was generally peaceful. All I looked forward to was her awake-time so I could smother her with kisses and enjoy watching her stretch and cry out for a feed. For a new mom, this is heaven and it was the seventh for me.

The attack of the Bug

I didn’t see it coming, I mean, the kids had the flu but I took extreme caution to keep them isolated. Before I got any close to her, I washed up like a surgeon preparing for theatre, scrubbing my hands and arms. I limited the other girls’ contact with the baby and only allowed them under close supervision. I thought this was enough, but the flu is airborne. I should perhaps have gotten her a cylinder of her own oxygen to breathe because we woke up one morning and she was terribly congested. She struggled through the discomfort it came with and screamed in distress. I could only do so much and I hated myself for not being able to take it away.

Broken but strong

Her tiny eyes followed my voice, helplessly crying for relief. I was broken. And when she cried, my eyes got wet too. “She’s only three weeks old for Pete’s sake!” I begged looking up and letting the waters fall down my face. I needed to let it out. “I’m tired of being strong all the time. I can’t take this!” I took about ten minutes and did this one thing that was almost strange to my body. I cried till I felt light. Man, did that feel good! I was suddenly ready to beat this.

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