The Reality of Going back to work

Like many mothers, I have been faced with the challenge of having to plan to leave my child to go back to work. It’s devastating when you need six months of exclusive breast feeding for your child and the last three of the six, like mine, land you in a working environment that takes you well over an hour in traffic to reach, has no allocation or privacy to pump milk and only lets you leave after 4:30pm. I suffered high levels of stress and eventually supplemented Raine’s milk 4 years ago when I one day walked home with a 100ml bottle filled quarter-way. I should perhaps have made a request on the time adjustments, right? Because I never did…


The Challenge Ahead

My request was however received with a pinch of salt when I brought it up with my boss last month. My mind has been reeling over leaving work and starting something that will keep me off an 8-5 schedule. This fed-up disease perhaps attacks anyone who has worked well over 10 years and just needs a break. My work isn’t demanding. In fact, aside from usual monthly invoicing and administrative duties, I barely do much else. Sitting at the office doing my own stuff (that I could do at home anyways) while I could be taking care of my little one made me want to run wild. I must ’ave picked a bad time, though because I was dismissed with a ‘Lets-deal-with-that-when-we-get-there’ expression. ‘Sure thing.’ I thought to myself, ‘By then, I will have made up my mind on what direction to follow’


First Excuse

2017 was a bad year for all businesses…. well most of them. However, having to pay cash for my baby’s birth at a time so bad, I could have done with support from a stable plan didn’t improve the situation. Lets just say, when flying a small plane, you feel the turbulence more. So while we look forward to a better year, your guess is as good as mine about the decision that lies ahead.



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