Welcome Baby!

As every beginning has an end, so does my 40-week journey through my third and last (Lord I pray) pregnancy. I would like to say it was easy because it was for the most part, but trust me not to engage your senses in details you’d rather not go through. Whats most important is what happened at 3:30 am on the 24th day of January 2018; little Anna C. was born. Scoring highest on the Apgar scale despite her meconium distress, she came into the world like a little champion.

Meeting Anna Chanya

One look at her and my heart melted. Her face was too delicate; her voice so meek. She was terrified and took in the sound of my voice with all the trust she has. I felt bad for the countless times I wished she were a boy. Clearly, fate had other plans for me. I would raise three very beautiful and intelligent girls whose future can only look up. That was in itself satisfying for me. I nurse my newest bundle of joy with a lot of content thoughts and hope that no one expects me back in L& D unless I’m escorting another expectant woman in.

The Perfect Family

Back home, Anna fills her place like the last piece of a puzzle. Her sisters can’t believe how tiny she is and they all get protective of her every whimper. This is my version of a perfect family. Where there is happiness and love to share. It doesn’t matter who comprises of it, be it more boys than girls, one parent or no children at all, we all just have to work best with what we get. Life seems unfair when we feel it doesn’t give us what we ask for, but I look it with a lot of optimism. As only God knows of my tomorrow, only he would know best to gift me with what he feels I would handle best. So now a new chapter has begun. Lets do parenting for three and see how it goes!

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