Wedding Dates and Wedding days- The challenge

Here, I willl take you though a step by step process of my journey to my wedding day. Stay tuned!

Its 141 days to the wedding day, with only 16 days left for the dowry payment. There was a tag of war on the dowry payment day which makes me relieved for picking a weekday for our wedding date. My parents are Seventh day Adventists while my in-laws are Protestants, ACK to be specific. My mom cannot lift a finger anytime on Saturday while my in laws who now reside in shags prefer travelling on Sunday. Mombasa road is least busy on that day. I am now forced to let my friends and most of our committee members off on that day since both parents now settle on a Friday.

I am struggling with my guest list since mom -in law won’t confirm her guests till the bride price is paid. Hard headed, I pushed on and booked for a maximum of 400 guests. I am not worried about food though since my hubby’s work place will do our catering and we can be as flexible as we’d like.  We have the people doing our photography, video, sound and DJ coming from one company. Reason, once they arrive, we won’t be calling three other people. I just hope all these don’t delay the whole event!

We also got the décor lady searching for a colour she still struggles to pronounce; its turquoise green. She says she will get it and I am giving her at least till after August 15th before I start sitting on her head. We have most things in check and only wait till everyone is on board, come dowry payment day. Then it will be a mad dash for the D- Day.

My big worry now is the invitation cards. I planned to have them hand made but going by the number of guests all expecting a piece each… I may end up making as many as 300 cards!

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