I am a busy, Happy woman :)

Finally, I sneaked into the bathroom to steal a few words with you. See how much I care for you? I can stand the foul smell of the new toilet cleaner as I balance my heavy laptop on my lap, so I’m trying to punch in as many words as I can, with one hand, while the other holds its joint.

Outside this room life is spinning so fast I am getting countless headaches. Who said its easy working three jobs at a go? I raised my collar claiming I could do it. I only realised it was way beyond me when I was given a main story and a feature to work on alongside the ten I was meant to submit in a month. Sounds easy right? Sit here and let me explain some more (dragging you closer by the ear)

I am an administrator in a PR firm. That is my main job. That’s where I report to each day, get off days and fill up assessment forms. I am the one who calls chief accountants and other administrators, and we speak the ‘I-Want-Money-I-Will-Not-Give-You-Any language. When you come to our office, I am still the one who will open the door for you…or not J so I get the ‘There is the secretary’ look quite often. I never mind really. I love my desk.  It’s a great job as I get to bird watch against the tints on my window; I never get busted J, I window shop for bridal shoes and tiaras online and well, once in a while, update my blog. Challenges do come when another company we are hosting at our office bring in a lot to my desk. They too think I am a secretary and I am made to call and make appointments with the ‘who is who’ all over Africa. It’s boring sometimes especially when I call some countries like Sudan and all I hear are strange sounds, a question mark and some silence. Just when I am about to quit this new overwhelming profession, the Asian manager buys me a camera as a thank you gift. We are in great terms now, although he still never understands why I am always too busy on Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are my deadline for submitting articles to a local newspaper I write for. I hold two columns; one is fun and exciting and the other, well, let’s just say my husband calls it ‘Justly and professionally boring’. It’s too true! So when the editor gave me a main story, I thought I could do it so easily. But that was not to be. It wasn’t easy searching for people to interview…and I am not sure I want to do main stories anymore! It’s overwhelmingly demanding. People love publicity yet they are allergic to photos.

The other problem is that much as I blab too much here, that’s all I’m mostly good at. I am not good with the public and I am still scared stiff if meeting new people…

My sister in-law got me a book, ‘Talk your way to the top’. Its really nice, considering I am not such a good reader… 🙂 Don’t wonder how I get to write so well 🙂  (Enough. This post has a little too many smiles) and now that I am getting my courage in good communication, it’s making me very naughty. I understand people better, page after page and I got to admit, my crazy ideas don’t just crack the roof; they tear away the damn thing.

Working three jobs, planning a wedding, raising a toddler and being a good wife is tough, but again I will insist; I am not dead and I am not thin…:) (damn another one!) so it’s possible to work it out. In fact its fun being busy!

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