How I know she loves me…

I know she loves me, this girl. Even when she may not say it, I know she loves me with her life and would do anything for me…oh, and her daddy too! In her eyes we rock and yes, we know it. This is how.

She throws tantrums
Whenever she wants to accompany us somewhere or when she insists that I stay home rather than go to work; she may hide my shoes or steal my office keys from my bag to keep me chasing her around. Or she may just break down or go to a corner and sulk. Sometimes, she wants me to be the one to take her to school and pick her up, yet I really can’t! This only means that she always wants me around. My company means a lot to her and being around her is reassuring to her.

She imitates me
Time back, she would pick up the remote and start walking around pretending to be on call. “Are you serious?” she would ask, then stop abruptly, bite her lip and think really hard. Nowadays, she picks my phone, calls her cousins or her daddy and cuddle on the couch pulling her feet in a cross bow way. She then picks up my pen and scribble something and at some point, hold the mouth piece and whisper instructions to me then continue with the call. She wears my shoes, picks up my bag and instructs Vivianne to take good care of me till she is back. She will promise to buy me goodies if I am a good that day and then head high and nose in the air, she will walk out. Five words…I am her role model.

She protects me
She watches with a hawk’s eye to see if anyone will harm me; even when I play with her daddy and I seem to whine, she interjects and confirms if we need to get grass sticks and beat up daddy… (She knows daddy can take it all; he is superman!) She offers to say sorry when she sees me sad and even hugs and comforts me when I get a graze on my hand…she will ask about it till its healed and she will tell anyone who cares to listen how mommy got hurt…then force them to tell her mommy sorry!

She hurts me with words
“You are not nice, mama!” she will say, “I will go away with my daddy and we will leave you!” Sometimes, she will say I am not a member of her family anymore or that I am not her mommy anymore… and that she will call thieves on me! She will find ways to get the words to pierce my heart and break it but this is because she loves me and she doesn’t like that sometimes her bubble gets burst with disappointments.

She gives me presents
When going to church, she will always run to her favorite tree along the way and pick lots of flowers. She will then arrange them in my hair and still keep some for herself. She shares her snacks with me and promises to buy me nice stuff when she gets money one day. I know she means it and if she could gift me, she truly would.

When I come home from work each day, she will jump all over me, excited to see me, then sit on my lap and show me all the wounds on her body, new and dried. After complaining that I never gave her a hug when I left in the morning, which I would have done except she was still asleep, she would then check behind my ears and under my nails for dirt and try to cut my long nails. I love my little girl and I love that I rock her world so much. Share your bit too if you believe your child loves you crazily.

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