House Warming

We are finally up and running and oh, how I am in love with our new house! I hope the new painted walls don’t smell too strong! We used friendly colors so too can feel at home, Oh, and they put up a very nice big ME right in the living room. I’m smiling so hard, my cheeks hurt. I never thought we would be moving here this year, though I always welcomed the idea. See, they say the greatest things in life are for free…they are not. I am in so much debt to my good pal Ed. I am embarrassed by his great kindness and generosity when I look back at what he has done for me a trip to Taita hills may just not be enough hehe.
I have a friend and colleague.
His name; Edward
I met Edward for the very first time in 2011; not too long ago really. He joined us and we took him out for lunch at the then new KFC Junction outlet. It was his birthday already and we made him feel like home; hoping he would enjoy working with us. I am not sure whether he was repaying that lunch, or if he is just one of those kindest people you always question suspiciously…either way, he too bought us a surprise lunch to thank us for the birthday gesture. We all liked him instantly. I hope you notice that I refrain from using emotional words… he might get murdered by Justin or me by his lady; but we all loved him… I seriously dread porridge burns.
Since that day, we have always worked together, and have never really disagreed. Oh wait, I have only seen him angry once when he got locked outside the office and the girls went to enjoy some breakfast. Only I know the look I found him wearing and I immediately got his key copied. He always has time for us even in the middle of a project and he takes his work seriously. That’s exactly what he did to my website. He gave it dedicated time and creativity and look just how simple and stylish it looks! If it were a dress, I would wear it everyday.
This didn’t start with my interest in having a website; neither was it that he was interested in making me a star…or was he? All I know is he always has a generous heart and it definitely must be bringing him some warm and fuzzy feeling each time we are on the verge of hugging him in gratitude. I remember his staying up late…so late just so he could create our wedding cards. For those who saw them and loved them; my friend Edward created and inspired the design. He then offered to inspect them and make sure they were done as he had pre-imagined them. He stayed up late with us as we folded, glued, cut, signed and stuck them up. I thought that was just a wedding gift, but look now. I have no idea where to hide. I owe him way too much! And even if he brushes me aside, I know I will never pay him enough for giving his best even he gets nothing in return. Thanks Edward. I love my new house.

5 thoughts on “House Warming”

  1. Was here and I absoutely love it here!Well done Fanne, big up to Karani, the web designer…you never disappoint!Awesome job, well done!

  2. Oh how I love your work gal… Mr. Kimonye or Mrs. Mung’eri(I hope u remember them) should see what you are doing! I can’t wait to read, & read & read! Please don’t miss to feed my eyes, coz I am so looking forward!

    Cosy home indeed 🙂

  3. This is very lovely Fanne. Totally see why u feel indebted to Karani. He did an awesome job, kudos to him. You’re going places my dear n I’m proud of you

  4. Karani.brilliant job,fanne mwambi where is my beer and nyama choma,you cant plan a house warming without these…hehehehe..halafu tunangoja story.

  5. Thanks y’all, It was my pleasure getting a chance to work on Fanne’s Website. She’s a great writer and it’s my hope that this blog is helpful 🙂

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