Boy Meets Girl- The Chase

This post is mainly about any man who is still in the game; any man who is not committed to a woman…and of course is straight!
When boy sees girl, his first gaze will be her behind, then her bosom and later on, her face. For others, it will be your bosom, them your behind, and much later on, your face. Forget your imitated Sleek make-up or Brazilian wig…weave, or that Darling product (Made in Kenya) you invest each month in. It’s usually sexual before it can be anything else. And I know this how? I have a man by my side that allows me to ask as many questions as Pesh does in a day. Now, just go into any hood, club, even an office and as you walk in or around, follow the gaze of a man present. If you walk facing him then you should notice that he can’t wait for you to walk ahead, and faster so that he can feast his eyes on your bum. If he doesn’t like what he sees, he will check on your other attributes for compensation for what you are missing. If your bosom is also substandard (I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I mean) then you know your last hope of surviving the attraction venture hangs by a loose thread- your face. If you are pretty, whoa! That was close. You may get yourself a hello and some intro as he seeks to know your character. Trouble is if another lady passes by immediately, chances of him turning to gauge that behind are 90% to 10%, the 10% being that he is gentlemanly of him not to let you catch him. It’s a man’s world; I’m in it to understand what the buttons mean…and not to specifically press them!
boy meets girl
God made man and gave him a force that will help him get himself a wife…the chasing force. Now, it is this part that still gets me confused…those women who chase, really, how the heck do they do that? So man was made and we women placed not far off for him to notice us. You get yourself a boyfriend and in your mind you believe he will never notice another woman, right? Wrong! This is what happens in his mind. If he is a sexually satisfied man, then he will simply feed his eyes as a welcomed distraction. He will not lust after every bottom that passes close enough or smile back at a pretty face. He will always think of his woman and smile at a thought in nostalgia, because that is what belongs to him, the ones on the streets must surely belong to other men.

If your man is a womanizer, for starters you will have to compete with several women to get noticed…your intelligence may be a plus for your chances, however it does not guarantee that he will not hunt after another hard to get woman. In fact, the harder you are to get, the bigger the challenge for him, and don’t they love a challenge that involves a woman! So there you are, you make him suffer, struggle, spend. You stand him up; you literary make him go through hell and back in an effort to have him appreciate you once he gets you. Unfortunately this is not how this man thinks. To him once he gets you, the fun is over…and he wants more, so since you are his catch, he will put one paw on you just so you know he is there and use the other to find someone else who would like to play catch. That’s just how it is at least until he grows out of it… no wait, until he has no more energy to chase, because he will still feast his eyes but as calmly as a well fed leopard debating on whether to catch now and save for later or to let go hoping to catch some more when hanger strikes.
boy meets girl 2
A man who loves to chase simply enjoys the game and not so much the players. Let them play and get bored just be careful not to be the one he plays with.

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