BeTrue To Yourself

Marriage and relationships…my favourite topics of all times; my baby projects; wait, that sounds off. Let’s just put it this way. These two are part of a passion I have to improve in life. They are the only reason I wish I was not born in Africa and much less amongst polygamous and or chauvinistic men. The reason why I wish my fellow women would be as God created us to be. This world has become rotten and patchy, like an old coat all tattered and torn. We are merely surviving in it. Men are perfecting the art of cheating, while women have become worse than men…and the funny thing is that we are constantly blaming each other for our picked up habits. You may hate me after this but in my opinion; we need to ask God to send Jesus back for some briefing before his second return… I mean it. That may just be our only hope.
We women have become greedy. We want everything, sorry if you are my friend and this is who you are… surely if we are feathers of the same bird, then you must agree with me that we have totally lost it. Our men…ok not in first persona…men and women alike have lost their interest in marrying for love. Its as though to become competent for love, one must have a reputable job, or stable no, not stable but blue chip business (Is there anything like that even?) a car, and all things shiny. Other women have opted to seek these material things for themselves and end up showing their men spite. Even the Bible itself condemns such a woman. It is better for a woman to be alone than to mistreat her man. Note, I mean her man, not any bloke out there. I am not giving men power to walk all over women here. I am trying to be as fair and as just as possible. In the same way we say every teardrop a woman sheds because of a man is collected somewhere, what should we say of a woman who makes a man…a whole man strong and built, hurt. Is it not a curse? Keep reading.
If you find a person who in all ways loves you truly, no matter their faults, as long as their love is pure and true, and evident to you and you trample over it, then you are less what God intended you to be. Note I am trying hard not to use the word inhuman. Almost everyday I meet great people seeking great relationships, others are trapped in meaningless ones, struggling to make them their dream…it’s as useless as pumping a sack. If only the good could meet their counterparts and live happily ever after. If only this happily ever after existed.
Just yesterday, our MPs passed the bill to allow having more than one wife without consulting their spouses… and it is proudly announced on air, tabling silly statements and beating their chests quoting The Old Testament that Jesus discarded himself. Sorry if I sound preachy, I am just saddened at where we are headed. If men were to marry, they would without letting us know anyway, whether we consent or not, but why allow it despite it being a sin…why not just sin alone and be condemned on your own? And we claim to be a Christian country. Lord, help us. This brings a bad taste to my mouth.
To those of us doing a super great job at being the better person, kudos, and May you always find favour wherever you go. It’s good being selfless. It’s even better to do something with your own accord; with no supervision. If you love your wife as you do the church, then stick to one church and have a stand. If you love your man, don’t punish him. Give your best like there is no tomorrow. Even if you get hurt, it should feel good that you gave your best while you were at it. Do not revenge, do not pay evil with evil lest you end up losing yourself and who you were meant to be. Being mean and nasty or tough does not make you respected or even attractive…being your true self; the one you were intended to be is what really matters in the end. Think about it.

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