Top 10 Best Crepe Maker 2018 Review

Why you need a Crepe Maker

After years of struggle, you can finally relax and enjoy well-made crepes that are thin enough. Here is why you should consider getting a crepe maker if you missed the bus.

  1. You can regulate/control the temperature
  2. Most come with a batter spreader
  3. You will get them as thin as you like
  4. Some crepe maker can be used for other functions
  5. If number 4 works for you, then you get to save on having more appliances and save up on storage space!

It is best to know what you need your crepe maker to do for you before you make any purchase. Here we have compiled the top 10 best crepe makers 2018 review to take care of that.

10. Mauviel 1830 M’Steel Crepe Pan

This France-manufactured stylish pan can be used for more than just crepe- making. It is made of high quality and durable carbon steel


Keep it thoroughly dry lest it rusts.

9. CuisnartCpp-200 International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus

As the name suggests, this will serve more than one purpose. It comes with a lid that allows the crepes to b cooked evenly without having to turn them over. It has a reversible non-stick plate that let you cook both large and small crepes. The indicator lights and adjustable temperature are also a big plus.


  • Temperature can only go so high
  • Has flimsy plastic clips
  • Shaky latching mechanism

8. CucinaPro 1448 12-Inch Griddle & Crepe Maker

This 12-inch crepe maker not only comes with a batter spreader, it has five different temperature settings and an on/off lights that alerts you when it’s ready to cook. In the package you will also get recipes for basic crepe batter, mushroom crepes and blintzes


  • The batter spreader is large
  • Temperature knob is fragile
  • Takes long to cook

7. CucinaPro 1447 Cordless Crepe Maker

The fact that is crepe maker is cordless makes it popular and a favourite to many. This feature means that you can easily store the cord in the base, out of your way. This has a 7.5-inch diameter, is non-stick and also has an on/off switch. It also comes with a batter spreader and a dipping plate. Buy this if you prefer dipping your batter and won’t mind making small crepes.


  • Has a small cooking surface
  • Is tough to clean
  • Its manual is rather inconsistent

 6. Le Creuset Enamel Cast-Iron Crepe maker L20362767

This crepe maker has a traditional shape, heats up evenly and retains the heat so you don’t have to stop and re heat when cooking. You can use it in the oven and on the stove at just about any temperature. That it is made of cast iron makes this appliance durable and strong.


  • It is pretty heavy

5. Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel 46400 Crepe Pan 10”

This American-made high quality crepe maker brags a 10-inch wide space, is non-stick and pretty light in weight. It is non-stick and hand wash only. It is made ideally for making traditional crepes and pancakes.

 4. Health and home No edge Crepe Maker

This electric crepe maker is made for professional use though you can use it at home. It has a 13-inch diameter surface and is non-stick. It wihelp you make many crepes in a short time and is multipurpose too! It has a three-temperature control knob that ensures you don’t burn your crepes. It heats up pretty fast and the heat is easy to control

 3. Nutrichef PRCM12 Electric Griddle Crepe Maker

This 12-inch wide crepe maker is packaged with a batter spreader and spatula. It is non-stick and drip and can do more than just make crepes: you can make pancakes, fry eggs and more. The packaging is compact making this a travel friendly appliance.

2. Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro

This generous 13-inch wide maker comes with raised edges and stainless steel handles. It is stylishly designed, has a polished look and has hold so it doesn’t move when you use it.


It is quite pricey

1. Paderno world cuisine electric Crepe maker

This is perhaps the best and largest crepe maker bragging a 13 ¾-inch surface. You can bake with it and it comes with non-slip properties. It has 8 adjustable temperature levels and a light indicator. This crepe maker comes with a cleaning brush and a recipe book.


  • The sides of this crepe maker are not high so be careful, your batter may spill

There you have it, make your choice carefully and enjoy your crepe making experience.


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