My Small Circle

I have a small circle of girl friends. These I have had the longest time, they have seen me in my best and nastiest looks and they have stood by me through thick and thin. Today I celebrate all you friends who walked into my life and made a bang in it, all you friends who I fought with but never held grudges against: All you girls who told me off whenever I slipped and partied with me in my success. You marched in when everyone else sneaked out. All you friends who I promise never to forget.

I got only one sister….um and three sisters in-law. Moraa is what she goes by. I used to call her Missy(It’s a synonym of Edith which is her first name.) when I was ‘young, innovative and intelligent. Yeah, I was on top of the world, (nostalgic) trust me I was a genius teenager, capable of outdoing everyone. Life was exciting and my discoveries were my inventions, or so I thought until, well, until I grew up and travelled south en route for earth.

So Moraa and I were not the best of friends at first. We dragged each other by the hair a little too many times, and she was so authoritative. I felt like I had two mums. Umpf! She’d force me to eat up all my greens and actually bestow me with beatings. This gladly stopped when I was able to count years and discovered she was only about a year and a half older than me.

We went to the same schools and made more war till we matured up. We got closer and eventually became best of friends, not just sisters. I learnt to hold my cool and actually ask for help when I feel I can’t do it alone. I put down my pride and the words ‘I’m sorry’ became my ally. I follow her steps as grand example in motherhood and we furnish each other with tips on marriage.

At only fourteen and in form one; I met my first partner in crime. We clicked instantly and faced our drama-filled teenage battles together. She would definitely jump in front of a truck for me and loved me like a sister to an extent that our parents became friends. I had my first sleep over at her place and we promised to be our children’s’ godmothers. (Millie I owe you my next baby!) We definitely had our crazy episodes but it only made us closer.

Growing up, I made my circle larger. I met Freciah, a polite woman who is extremely conservative yet a great critic. I made her pick my clothes and shoes when shopping and vetted my articles for school presentations. I love her taste. She later hooked me up with two more girls with whom we later formed ‘The three musketeers’. We had great times and captured memories together (nostalgic again). These particularly stood for me when I was gullible for a man who made me weigh 47.5 kilos. Damn that dude.

Moving on, I met two other girls and again, the click! We fitted perfectly. We then made history as living in the same court; we all had babies the same year. And we did not plan, I promise. I never felt alone as I had enough advice from all my girls. Lucky I am, you think? Sure thing!

Then I got Pesh. I lose words to extend my appreciation to all those who visited Pesh and spoilt her with loads of stuff. To all those who attended Pesh’s 1st birthday and ate all the cake, I appreciate your presence; it was fun. We had no cake left by 10pm and no one present missed a taste of it. So far that is the best party I have ever hosted.

Then I went into the call centre. Here I met more sisters. I felt true girl love and by no means have we fought…um seriously fought. They are so many of them I’d lose count. These girls make my days, sending me hilarious and heartening emails even after I changed careers. Back then we couldn’t wait to go home just so we could seat collectively and have enough of each other. They always checked up on me and I enjoyed making them laugh with what I frequently call (just checked, crap! the site really does exist). Hope no one gets to sue me. In a nutshell, this was our healthy gossip and trust me, healthy it was!

I love the way we call to check up on each other and pay visits. In this day and era, visiting someone is old school. Talk of emails, teleconferencing and uploading of photos on social sites. It’s enough to notice you added weight and you look healthy so we don’t have to come all the way and make you do all the cooking. Soon we’ll start sending local post cards so help us God.

I love the way my girls and I talk of great things ahead and even build chamas to establish ourselves. We are open and share a lot of love. Girls, God bless you for being so selfless, for criticizing me, encouraging me and most of all, standing by me despite my faults.  I guess this is the part where I list down names of my cast? How I wish I could name you all just so I spoil you with honour today, but I’m afraid there’s too many of you already and I know some of you will hunt me down and slay me for excluding you. So, before I make it any worse, please excuse me, got to sneak out!

10 thoughts on “My Small Circle”

  1. hi.nice to see that your keeping up with the good blogging fight, o like the way you love your family, it is really encouraging.

      1. Don’t remind me that phase. But it was fun reading the books and creating submissions za uongo. Ati kunihurumia??ningekosa ungeona

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