Wedding bells!!!

We made a one minute decision; a by the way idea. ‘Let’s just do it’, we decided. It was all we needed; the motivation; the push to make it work. Secretively, we calculated and thought to try out, that if it wouldn’t work, we would simply drag two friends along to pay a visit to the Attorney General, sign some papers and put the rings on. We would then throw a party of the year and invite everyone. hehe!

That was not the case, though. We made the most important phone calls to our respective parents and later convened to discuss our results. Hubby’s side was a bit hesitant. For some reason, they were worried as they said bride price is extremely expensive where I hail from. That killed me in an instant. ‘We will give it try, though’, was their agreement response which breathed air back into my lungs. Deep in our minds our A.G visit dangled visibly as we didn’t have much hope to hold on to.

From my side, the news was received with excitement and surprisingly, jubilation. I was left in shock seeing my mother cry while hugging me. She sighed in relief. ‘Finally, my child’ she wept. ‘This is such great news!’   like two overexcites teenagers, mom and I immediately set out to lay the plan.

My sister in-law said it all starts with a decision. Just set the date and see how God will lay out your plans and make your wedding a success. That’s exactly what we did and here on this page I will take you step by step on what exactly I am doing.

I choose not to use a wedding planner in my wedding. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, no. I’ve started early and I feel I will make it to the D-day. Wish me luck friends. Let’s see how to make a wedding the real thing. So this is how we’ll do it. I will write down my experiences in sessions just so we don’t miss out the most important details. Thats is not my wedding gown by the way… stop that. I won’t show just yet!

Diary sitting- April 2012

Yes, It was that long ago….and I was too scared to call a wedding committee. Previously while with friends, I heard complaints from people who hate wedding committees. They say they are saving up to get someone a bride. Well, I thought the same until I realised that a wedding is no longer for the bride and groom but rather the community. It’s like celebrating your one year old child’s birthday and making the party the adult kind. The kid probably doesn’t like strangers and cries herself to sleep, leaving the grown ups to dance the night away. In essence, all I’m saying is a wedding celebration is a celebration for all to gather, meet, make friends and party together. The bride and groom serve as an excuse to put all aside for that day. I think I needed to hear all this to go on with the plan. We thought to plan and save up till we get enough money…..well, that was until a friend mentioned that some people may get offended when they don’t get involved…. Do you see how long it took for me to make the bold step? That will be a cold Strawberry soda, thank you very much.

Kick off

I set off to search for my wedding gown. Armed with Google, I searched all sites and filled my laptop with a million viruses. I didn’t get anything. I thought to hire one then…that too never worked. Finally, I got someone to do the perfect one for me…one that I unfortunately cannot describe to anyone 🙂

Not to worry though, I promise to keep you all in the know, especially for those friends we hope to infect with the wedding bug. Keep it locked here and I will take you through my journey to 12/12/12

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