Taming my Dog’s Teeth

I placed my phone to charge. An hour later, it was off and couldn’t even power up. “These China stuff will be the end of us” I muttered in disapproval, while inspecting the cable. It was broken in a rather uneven way. This was not a wear and tear situation, no: they were bite marks! “Charlie!” I shouted and turned around only to catch a glimpse of my dog’s tail disappearing behind the door. Barely a day had passed since he ate up a whole tin of margarine. He was getting worse day after day and we had to do something lest he ended up harming himself or completely destroying everything. According to greatdogsupplies.com, webmd.com and avma.org, it is important to puppy proof your house especially if you work and have no one around to watch your dog.

Chew this, Chew that, Chew it all!

We needed to stop anticipating our dog’s next move whenever we were out. Did you know that there exists a puppy proof spray that you can use to protect your most valuable items at home? This is just what I need! He seems to have it all planned out. Charlie has chewed up candles, chargers, electric cords, erasers, pencils…once we caught him lying next to my husband’s inhaler, his nose suspiciously resting on it. I’m not sure who between my husband and him was luckier that he didn’t bite into the can.

Safety in Check

We have managed to keep our dog safe from most hazards at home. We got him toys and let him play with the kids so he gets his fun for the day. Every so often he will run off with a sock to sway away, but we ensure he is as safe as possible. Check out https://www.greatdogsupplies.com/raise-puppy-long-healthy-life/ to learn other ways you can ensure your puppy lives a long and healthy life. Charlie is on a good path to getting awesome owners. We now need to work out how to keep him from biting our fingers when we offer him treats.

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