Planning to Get a Dog? Be Sure You’re Ready

Do you ever get that feeling of wanting your own new baby when you hold another? It’s incredible and terrifying at the same time! So, about  a year ago, I held a dog. It was a beautiful, white, female Japanese Spitz; perhaps the calmest you’ll ever meet. My friend was visiting and she brought her home with her. We stayed with Mia for a couple of days and when they went away, she left a gap that hadn’t been there, but already begged to be filled! This was a generous thought, but we should have prepared well before jumping in. See, according to , and WebMD, responsible pet ownership requires that you do proper research and planning before bringing one home.That was not to be of us though. We wanted a dog and immediately went in search for one.

Two-month-old Charlie was generally an awesome dog. He only had too many problems.

  • He cried a lot
  • He pooped and peed everywhere.
  • He ate too fast, biting at his food, no chewing or breathing. He only stopped when we took his food…and all our food away from his reach.
  • Without a leash he ran all over, uncontrollably
  • We couldn’t leave him home alone…there was more…

We literary had no idea what to do with him. We almost felt cheated, not by the dog seller, but Mia. Charlie was a lot of things, but gentle and loving was not on his radar, at least not yet. Our only consolation was that he liked to play and get cozy with my eldest daughter, Pesh; that gave us hope!

With his vaccines in check, we looked up what else we would need to get our lives back to sanity. Check Great Dog Supplies list of all you need as a first dog-owner. We started with the essentials, got him a place to sleep and got his food right. A few wrong sizes later, we got a comfortable leash and evening chases finally converted into walks.

In time, we got Charlie all that he needed and made him as comfortable as any pet could be. We would have to learn more on dogs while living with him, but we were determined to make our relationship work.


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