Office Husbands & office Wives?

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So I got thinking and realized that I have been writing, more than ever this past to years. The only problem that I invest my work elsewhere and you, my people miss out on all the goodies! Poleni! So I’ve decided to go back in time and start sharing work the public have been consuming on other avenues ( and you missed it!) This doesn’t allow me the laziness to settle and stop creating more content.

Far from it. You will now be seeing more, regular work every week and sometimes more.

The following article I share today is an excerpt from People Daily that I wrote a day before my dad passed away. it has nothing to do with hi really so don’t cross your heart. Just sit back and enjoy the read.


You know, until I head someone claim this reality, it hadn’t hit me that I have once been a victim! Office husbands and wives have only recently been defined as those people who fill in your partner’s shoes while at work. While in some cases it happens on a mutual understanding, some people simply find themselves in these ‘situationships’.

How it all starts

I will not speak for everyone here, but rather what I have seen and experienced in various work places. For one, tasks being shared out can easily discriminate a certain gender. We once planned an office lunch and as it turned out, our superiors, who happen to be all men, provided the funds and ‘we’ the female staff were supposed to cook! It seemed okay at first because they funded the function.

However, when they later began inquiring who prepared what meal, we realized this opportunity was going to scale out wife-material workers from those who weren’t. I have also seen instances where colleagues who come from similar hoods spend a lot of time together, with others even walking or taking rides home together on a daily basis. Such instances often lead to a lot of personal conversations and follow-ups of personal matters that should in reality not be their business.

Staying Safe

The trouble with such office relationships is that they often lead to infidelity. Unless you catch yourself early, you might find yourself filling in the spots your colleague’s husband/ wife doesn’t, making you a co-wife or co-husband as they now refer to them.

Employed people spend most of their times at the office. Having such relationships, therefore, drains even the little attention you would otherwise direct to your spouse. What’s more, the distance created can easily cause disagreements from your spouse, and with your co-spouse fully supporting you (for the obvious reason that they spend a lot of time with you and need no communication to understand you) you get drawn further and further away from your spouse.

It takes the truly committed to escape this web. Depending on your relationship goals, only you can choose the direction you wish to pursue. Stay safe!

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