Yes!! I think I did it!

Have you ever felt like such a great achiever? Well I do already! Now listen, hubby and I were looking to expand our space to make our once one-bedroom house accommodate an extra bedroom. Why we thought it would work? Easy! We had a large living room that at some point became hard to even arrange. We didn’t want a table centralising our space either. It would look like my mom’s house, and my auntie’s house, and the neighbours….you know what I mean.

We wanted a diverse look, away from what we grew up in. for our children to have a different setting from what we had. Not that it was bad, just like chalk and cheese. I say this for those friends who like the centralised coffee tables that have them seats encircle them. Please note that they are still an in-thing and that this is just my view; my thoughts; my ideas; my blo….*tongue in cheek* Back to the area under discussion.

So we started by shopping for sinks and granito tiles. Kijabe Street was the place to go. Like I mentioned on this post, they have a lot of vast things at very even-handed costs.

We fixed them then got the cupboards fixed too. Later we had to paint and for wood, the paint had to be oil based. I don’t want to believe that the whole court knew akina Pesh were painting…but that is what everyone said. The smell, despite mixing with turpentine instead of paraffin, was intolerable. On day two, I sent Pesh and the housie to grandma’s. We left all ventilation outlets bare and took off, then later came home to an almost iced house. Anyway, the paint stench was gone and we had moved a stride.

The problem with renovating slowly is the fact that just when you complete something, another suddenly gets noticed. It always looks irksomely ugly and you just have to work on it.

We tiled the new kitchen and the new bedroom and finally painted. So now the only room that looks like it belongs to someone else is our bedroom. The floor is the same old cold cement, the ceiling boards are sagging-tired and the walls look like they have been crying, what with the rains and lots of humidity? The only thing that looks gawkily out of place is the bed.

sneak peak 2

I promised you a sneak peak if it turned out well, right? Well it was better than I imagined! The lime-green brightens the house by cutting off the stream of tango shades. The black granito tiles break the white monotony of the cupboard and the white tiles and the house looks neatly organised. For a small house in the Kenyan economy, I think its fab! *sticking my tongue out* Now I think I can comfortably host my guests….note, not live-in guests… 🙂

sneak peak 1

Some friends say I’m in the wrong profession. I’m not. If you meet someone who loves art, trust me, chances are that he is a poet, an artist, a writer, a musician, an interior designer or all! Enough said. Give me your views on this one. If you hate it, don’t rip my heart out. Tip me off to go undercover instead! 😉

My big news draws near…oh wait. You thought this was the big news? No. we are simply doing all these as fast as we prepare to prepare for the big thing…and I did not repeat a word back there. Soon I will be calling my close friends. I will lose some friends and probably gain new ones. I will find out who my true friends are and will be shocked by the unexpected care of those who never bothered. I will lose all the weight I have struggled to gain, courtesy of stress.  I will use a lot of airtime and fuel and I will have numerous headaches, probably even migraines. Finally….Bam! And in one day, our lives will take an altered turn.

I plan to open a new page to share my journey’s experience all through… Not to worry though I will capture as much as I can on camera and try even more not to bore you to death. Meantime, grab your jackets and get ready for a glacial journey through the cold season. Later pals.

Working with the men…

I have been dealing with almost all sorts of fundis these past few weeks.  I had no choice, what with all the renovation going on at my house. Did I tell you I’m preparing for the grand exit of Pesh from our bedroom? Oh no? Sorry. Well I am. And this not the big news yet! And I’m not pregnant…though it’s not a bad idea too.

At the beginning of this month I carried a stash of cash and headed to the carpenter’s. The pain to withdrawing so much money at once shattered me. I couldn’t believe I was giving out such an amount of money to one human being. I handed the money over to the jolly-looking carpenter to proceeded to recount the thousands…I painfully watched, in silent. One, two, three….seven….twelve…twenty…I died.

The following week after healing from the wounds of giving away so much money at once, I did a lot of Google and asking around. By the way, is it just me or does Google search translate to another weird named site…search.babylon or something of the sort. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell they battled down my poor Google search?? *sob* or were they bought off…I’ll find out.

I tracked down Kijabe Street. The street with all things ceramic, kitchenware, toilet bowls, faucets, mirrors and all. With my addiction to interior design…the thought of setting camp to  gaze and marvel border tiles, stainless steel faucets and table tops seemed like a brilliant idea…such beauty….Ok. I’m not that addicted. I bought a new sink, granito tiles, some adhesive, and immediately went back home.

I did it alone.

Damn, don’t I enjoy it! There’s no feeling more satiable than saving cash after a good bargain. Trust me, I bargain for best prices for just about anything! I even try my luck in supermarkets and at the guy who sells roasted maize at the estate, even when I know they will always say no… 🙂 So we agreed between my husband and me that I be the CEO of that department as long as he never catches me carrying anything heavy. Agreed.

I called the tile guy and the plumber to meet me at home. The plumber is a tall, purple guy with a disturbingly reputable look…yes, purple. His skin was literary shining all over! The tile guy was petite looking and Pesh kept poking and playing with him since he looked like a small boy. He had some white hair though. They were all on time and the negotiations were heated as expected. We finally agreed and work began. They say I’m tough, I say I’m reasonable. I get involved in everything, making me know exactly how much effort they put in. If I can easily make out how the job has been done, then that’s trouble for them. Mean huh?

At the hardware, I had carried my list of required items as listed by the plumber and I bargained for every word I could read. It worked! I saved about seven hundred shillings, went home with a patch of cement on my back and bottom and gained a lot of hatred from the purple man. He gave me the obvious, ‘Damn you miser,’ look that I am already used to. I know how they make extra cash. They agree with the hardware sales men to adjust the receipts to suit them. That is the cash I’m always chasing!

We burrowed through cement searching for the new drainage and fixed the black granito tiles on one cup board. I thought they looked great even without the paint. All we have left is now fixing the new faucets and wrapping of the other cabinets. The previous kitchen that I’m now turning into a bedroom looks horrid, with holes here and there and gaps from whence the old sink was yanked out of. The tiles are chipped and the wall is terrible. Oh, please don’t tell me I’m speaking jargon. Ok, for those I completely lost in this piece, here’s the thing. I have a one bed room house, with a long rectangular-shaped living room. We decided to put an American style, open kitchen in the living room and turn the old kitchen into another bedroom. If it turns out nicely I will share some sneak peaks and you are welcome to steal ideas if you share my passion. If it flops, you will not hear a word about it.

something very close to this...

We are rushing to clear this up. Bigger things await …enter my secret big news…C’mon, will you stop guessing already? Ok, I promise to give you a clue next time. Don’t I love keeping you in suspense? Have a good one and keep warm!