Daddy’s Little Girl

A friend of mine asked me to post this. Its not every day that a man will want to express himself so I moved briskly aside and let him do his thing.

Here is from Kenneth Mugambi..

daddy's little girl 1Every time I touched your mama’s belly you would kick so hard. For me, that’s when I realized the bond between us would be strong. When you came into this world and I held u in my arms, I couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. Hearing you cry for attention each and every minute was sweet as music to my ears.

When you took your 1st baby steps I knew for sure my baby had grown up! Your 1st words were ‘baba’ and your mum was not so happy about this. Holding you in my arms and watching you close your eyes and sleep was an amazing feeling. Then came the day you wore your 1st school uniform. It was a special day for all of us and you were so happy and excited to be joining school though you cried the whole day!

I miss the days we used to play ‘Castle’ and ‘The princess and prince charming’. The small tea parties and showing you how to take care of Amy your coveted doll. Sitting on the couch and watching you with Barbie is still vivid in my mind just like the lingering memory of you helping me prepare dinner for mum and you getting all messed up always puts a smile on my face.

You finally became a teenager and things changed quite a lot. You felt all grown up and wanted to be treated as one. You became rebellious acting all defensive…always felt your mum and I didn’t understand you. Though most of the time you were in the wrong I tried talking to you but u got all the more unruly by the day.

Then came the small boys who would ask you out. This part caught me off guard, as I had never been ready to let you fly. I felt that they wanted to spoil my precious baby girl and I constantly battled violent thoughts. Honestly, I felt like executing them with my shotgun but we sat you down and had a good talk about HIV/Aids, drugs and sex.

It was one of my most uncomfortable times, but heck! It was uncomfortable to all of us anyway! Still, it was the right thing to do and you were respectful enough to let it be. You seemed to know how much we cared for you and listened to us with intent, promising no disappointments. College was around the corner and for once my little girl was little no more. You had to move away from town…be away from us for a whole school period! Holidays were more or less the one thing your mother and I always longed for.

One day, you made me face the most inevitable thing every man with a daughter has to come to terms to. You brought him home and said he was your fiancé. You were talking about a wedding and marriage. daddy's girl 2My jaw dropped and in your exhilaration, you hardly noticed you’re your mama was happy for you. I wanted t be happy too…But right after I had taken care of the bloke you dragged home. Your mum was so excited as I was tried helplessly to find my gun and send someone to the afterlife I knew you are all grown up and it was time for me to accept it. I had a lot of lessons to learn. Oh, please forgive me as I made his evening a nightmare but I had to make sure my baby girl would be in safe hands. If he if he hurts you I’m sure as hell going to kill him.

You ultimately graduated and today seeing you in that wedding dressing perfect replication of your mother. My baby girl now is surely grown up. To the world, you have become a woman but to me you will always be daddy’s little girl.

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