I am Fanne Mwambi. I am married to Justin Mwambi and we share one daughter (and praying for moreJ). I was not born a writer…well, that’s what I always tell myself. One day back in 1996, I stammered for the very first time and in front of my class! Everyone laughed so hard, leaving me terrified by my own realization. I lost all my friends and to avoid getting into depression, I decided to be my own best friend … I started writing funny, little notes to myself.

I was only 10 then and in time, I was writing short paragraphs about everything under the sky. I became brave enough to share my work when I got to high school. I was actually challenged to a competition I had to win lest my friends lost a bet. By then, that was pretty much the only thing I seemed to do so well. I started publishing my work in newspaper magazines about two years ago.

Not to worry; I still wasn’t courageous enough to believe in myself even when everyone else did. So one day I got fed up with my fears and decided to make my write ups interesting enough to read over and over. If I read one twice and it didn’t make me react, I would discard it…and many people loved that style. I could easily make fun of myself and people would laugh. What more would anyone ask for?

I really don’t have to go through life’s difficulties to realize its lessons. Sometimes, I can take a shorter trip and choose to learn the lessons through other people’s experiences. This website enlightens on my personal experience as well as of those around me. It involves mistakes I made and the lessons I am learning, my journey through life and an interesting factor that makes my life unique.

I view life with a light note and still value my key strengths. This is because I have cried over friendship, love, family and myself for years and instead of viewing my life scars as painful reminders, they act as my rewards for who I am turning out to be. They have taught me the most valuable lessons in life. I now know the most beautiful things in life are for free; we are the ones putting price tags on them.